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  • Hello all!

    I updated WP to 3.5 and I am now starting to get use to the new Media Library. Seems nice and simple but unfortunately it seems too simple. I can’t find the option to order the images uploaded for a giving post in an increasing order or decreasing order. I specifically named my images so that it would be easy to reverser the order by a click of a button. But now it uploads the file and display them by reverse value (starting by the last photo) and sometimes it doesn’t seem to follow the name of the image files in order.

    Anyone misses that option or know what is the alternative with 3.5 I don’t want to have to drag and drop over 50 images just to put them in numerical order.

    Thank you.

    Here’s my site if it can help (in french)

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  • I have this exact same problem – when uploading images to a blog post, the media manager seems to choose by random what order the images will be placed into the post (when the images have specifically been named myphoto1.jpg, myphoto2.jpg etc etc).

    This is really bizarre, and to have to reorder 60 photos for one post is really annoying.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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