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  • I know the this one has been hotly debated over the centuries (ok, that’s an exageration) however, I had a nice hack for my friend’s blog that allowed his sixteen chapters of a walk accross America to be displayed in a naturally ascending order.

    This was the hack I found for pre-Wordpress 1.5:

    if ("2" == $cat) {
    $order = "ASC";

    This was simple and direct and was placed in the wp-header.php file on line #347.

    Well… when I upgraded him to 1.5, there was no line #347. In fact I don’t think this file even has the same variables that deal with the posting order. I liked this hack. It was simple and sweet. Now I have to append the query onto the end of the url like this:


    A real drag, especially if the visitor gets to the page via another route.

    I realize that the “blog gods” may strike me dead with a bolt of php if I even bring up this much debated subject.

    Please be kind– at least I have Eric Meyer in my corner 🙂

    –Dave Kuehne

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  • I’m more than intersting in finding how to modify the php code in the last WP version to have this.

    It’s a debated subject but still with no easy solution. (Someone to built a plugin ?)

    A phone call to Eric Meyer ?

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