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  • Hello, I love this widget because I need to display a very large list of links (over 100) in the sidebar so users have easy access to them and don’t have to browse to another page just to get the links. The pagination and all of that works perfectly, however, the ordering options are very lacking.

    I’ve tried to find other plugins that give more options for ordering and found one called Widgets Reloaded, problem with that is they change the “links” widget to bookmarks and adds tons of options for ordering but pagination does not work for it.

    Is there any way to make it compatible with that plugin or at least add some more ordering options? ID and name are the only ones that “might” work but depending on the order you add links in ID is not reliable. Ordering by name is only ascending and I would like the newest link to be displayed first. The way we format our link titles are “Link #104”

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