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  • Plugin Contributor Ron Rennick


    Thanks 🙂 Other people have submitted a similar request. We aren’t planning a new version at the moment but if we do expand the functionality sorting by menu order will probably be included.

    Ron, you need to do SOMETHING to make this slider display slides in the order users want. It may be different to the specific request above, but the way it’s working now is crap. There are so many people complaining about not being able to get their slides displaying in the correct order. PLEASE DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING.

    Plugin Contributor Ron Rennick


    @zandiver – The logic for sorting slides in the Genesis Responsive Slider has not been changed since it was released a year and 1/2 ago.

    The most common thread that I have seen here in that time is that some people are expecting the slider to order the slides in the same order as they entered the post IDs. However, when the WordPress query sorts by ID it sorts them numerically vs the order they are submitted to the query.

    Thread Starter Francesco Canovi


    Sad to see that the plugin is almost abandoned and no features, also the most useful and EASY to implement, are considered from the developers.

    Plugin Contributor Ron Rennick


    Sad to see that the plugin is almost abandoned and no features

    The plugin has NOT been abandoned. While it is in maintenance (not adding features at the current time), we are keeping it up to date with the current versions of Genesis & WordPress.

    There is a difference between a plugin with no features (ie. doesn’t do anything) and one that doesn’t have the particular features you are looking for.

    Plugin Support Andrea Rennick


    Change the dates on your posts/. The slider shows by newest published date first. Ron has repeatedly explained the setting does not show the slides in the order that the IDs are typed in at.

    It’s a simple straightforward slider. If you need more control or more features, there are a plethora of ones to choose from. If you are using Genesis. the slider plugin does not have to be Genesis-specific.

    To order the slider the way you want it…Use the PAGE ATTRIBUTES section on your Page or Post and inside that box use the ORDER box and simply order the Page or Post. Example, 1 or 2 or 3…whichever you want 1st 2nd, etc. Be sure to go to all of the images in your slider and order them. If two images have the same slider number…of course it won’t work correctly. (Page Attributes should be located on the right hand sidebar of our page or post. If it’s not there…go to the top and click on the Screen Options and check the Page Attributes Box)

    I agree with zandiver. Something needs to be done to improve the control of display order. No matter what I try it displays things in whatever order it sees fit.

    I’ve tried changing published date, order # under page attributes, ordering by date or ID. Nothing has any effect. There needs to be an explicit way to tell it to put them in user selected order NO MATTER WHAT ELSE.

    By the way Ron, you said “WordPress query sorts by ID it sorts them numerically”. Is that reverse numerically? Because it seems to display the last page created first.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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