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    Good day,

    I just want to ask if possible to show my order by category.


    Condiments(Product Category) Quantity Price
    Soy sauce 1 100
    Vinegar 1 100
    Rice(Product Category)
    Brown Rice 1 200
    Black Rice 1 200

    Your quick response will highly appreciate.


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  • Hi @hpiiph102,

    From my understanding, you want to print the order where the products are categorized by category. If yes, then currently, we do not have any option in order to achieve this requirement.

    But, you can modify the template by copying it to your theme folder.

    Copy the file print-content.php located in woocommerce-delivery-notes > templates > print-order and paste it into the folder : (your active theme) > woocommerce > print-order folder.

    You will find the template for invoice in this file. You can add/remove the information that you want to display here.

    Please let me know if I misunderstood your requirement and explain us in detail which would help us in understanding and then I can assist you in a better way.

    Komal Maru

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