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  • Hi all,

    Im running woocommerce v2.1.5 on WordPress v3.8.1 and the Order Again button seems to not be working properly. I do have other plugins active on the site.

    When viewing a previous order in the my account section you can see the Order Again button underneath the table of what was ordered. However, when clicked the button starts to load up a new page (new url string that contains numbers and the words order again) this ends in just a reload of the current page you were on, nothing gets added to the cart, no order gets sent. Checking through theme files I believe there is everything there function wise that should make the button do what it is meant to do.. but nothing is happening.

    Can someone help!? I need this function and I’m not sure why its not working.

    The site is private with a login in order to access it.
    Can send the url string of what it is trying to load when button is clicked.

    Many Thanks!

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