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  • Hi everybody,
    I am using the theme OrangeSky, I like it a lot and i completely adapted my personal design to it. But now i found out too late that there is a problem:

    On the main page of my blog all articles of all categories and of all months show up with the suitable picture/image, that i attached to each article. Now when I click on one of the categories, for example ‘design’, then it only shows the articles (only the text) but not the image! Same happens when i want to see only a specific month, like e.g. February!!

    It seems to be a problem of the Theme itself, cause i have tried some other themes in my admin backend, and they show up all pictures that are added to the articles!!

    Does anyone have an idea or can help me? Maybe i only have to add some codes, but where? And which code? Please help me!

    Thanks in advance to anyone!


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  • Have a link?

    My initial guess is that the page showing the post listings by category is using the_excerpt() instead of the_content() which would be a relatively simple change for you to make in your theme.

    Hi HandySolo,
    so glad to read your post. Of course, here’s my link

    hope you can confirm that this is the problem! Would make me so happy….


    Yup, that’s what’s going on.

    Not familiar with the theme, so not sure exactly which files to point out, but maybe index.php, page.php are the ones to start with.

    Make copies first!

    Open them up with a text editor and look for “the_excerpt” and try replacing that with “the_content” instead.
    More info about those tags:

    Thanks so much HandySolo!!! I will check this and post it here again, if it worked out and if not 🙂 hope it will though …


    YIPPPIE YEAH THAT WAS IT!! Well, in the index.php and page.php it was already correct saying the_content, but then i checked the archive.php, and there it was the bug! Now it’s all working with the images!!

    Thanks again HandySolo, You saved me a lot of time, cause i thought i’d have to decide to go for a different theme, and adapt all the design again…!!

    cane 😀

    … oh yeah… Archive.php too! (sorry)

    Glad you got it sorted out. Happy blogging!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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