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  • Since I upgraded to List Category Posts version 0.62, the shortcode for choosing two tags that are OR’d together is only bringing up the posts for the first tag.

    For instance, this shortcode:

    [catlist tags=happy,sad]

    is bringing up only posts tagged “happy”

    and this shortcode:

    [catlist tags=sad,happy]

    is bringing up only posts tagged “sad”

    Both shortcodes should bring up posts tagged either “happy” or “sad”

    This used to work just fine until I upgraded to version 0.62 the other day (and I use this form of the shortcode all over my site!!)

    Thanks for checking into this.

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  • ids isnt working as well…

    Same problem here. When using OR only the first category specified is displayed, both for name and id.
    Also posts_morelink is not working for me 🙁

    Hi, does putting double quotes around your string of tags help? e.g.

    [catlist tags=”happy,sad”]

    I tried both ways and it didn’t work either way. As noted above, the same is true for category id’s which are comma separated numbers. I think the OR functionality just quit all together.

    Any update on this? I am experiencing the same problem.

    As a heads up to others experiencing this problem (or trying to fix it), I reverted to .60.1 and it solved this problem. I did not test .61, so it may fix it as well.

    Hi I have updated to version 0.64. Problem still exist. Do we have any workaround or any plans for fix?

    Hi all. Do we have any solution for multiple tags? I see that new release was published but still this BUG exist. I believe that reported issue is big problem with the plugin major functionality.

    Plugin Author Fernando Briano


    I’ll take a look at this as soon as I can and try to get it fixed for the next version. Thank you for your patience.


    Greate news! So will be easy to fix it in next release? When can we expect this?

    Plugin Author Fernando Briano


    The latest release will be out later tonight or early morning tomorrow. Please let me know if you’re still having this issue after that, thanks!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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