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    Since I updated to one of the last updates I have some problems with optipng. The settings page always requests to copy binary from /wp-content/plugins/ewww-image-optimizer/ to /wp-content/ewww/, although I’ve done this several times.

    Debug Info:

    jpegtran path: /is/htdocs/wp10662261_YXSIEAX6BG/www/tc/blog/wp-content/ewww/jpegtran
    optipng path:
    gifsicle path: /is/htdocs/wp10662261_YXSIEAX6BG/www/tc/blog/wp-content/ewww/gifsicle
    pngout path: /is/htdocs/wp10662261_YXSIEAX6BG/www/tc/blog/wp-content/ewww/pngout-static
    disabled functions:
    gifsicle permissions: 0755
    optipng permissions: 0755
    wp-content/ewww permissions: 0750
    user: wp10662261

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  • Plugin Author nosilver4u


    Make sure you copied the binary, and didn’t move it completely out of the plugin folder. It is doing a size comparison, and if there is nothing to compare in the plugin folder, naturally it will keep complaining about it.

    I downloaded both optipng and optipng-mac to my PC and uploaded them to the new folder. I didn’t move or deleted them in the plugin folder.

    Plugin Author nosilver4u


    can you check the exact filesize of optipng in both folders (the plugins folder, and the ewww folder)?

    The size of optipng is 990.020 Bytes, in both folders.

    Plugin Author nosilver4u


    And can you also copy the plugin status section above the debug info?

    Plugin Status

    If updated versions are available below, you may need to enable write permission on the wp-content/ewww folder to use the automatic installs.
    *Updates are optional, but may contain increased optimization or security patches

    jpegtran: OK version: Independent JPEG Group’s JPEGTRAN, version 9 13-Jan-2013
    optipng: MISSING Copy binary from /is/htdocs/wp10662261_YXSIEAX6BG/www/tc/blog/wp-content/plugins/ewww-image-optimizer/ to /is/htdocs/wp10662261_YXSIEAX6BG/www/tc/blog/wp-content/ewww/ or Download optipng source
    gifsicle: OK version: LCDF Gifsicle 1.68
    pngout: OK version: May 30 2012
    GD: OK   Imagemagick ‘convert’: OK
    safe mode: Off  exec(): OK  shell_exec(): OK  finfo: OK  getimagesize(): OK  mime_content_type(): OK
    Operating System: Linux

    Plugin Author nosilver4u


    Ah, so you don’t see a bright red box at the top of every page, just the one in the plugin status, correct? If so, try the latest dev version, or wait until 1.3.7 comes out. If you don’t care about optipng, you can also just ignore that message.

    I don’t see a red box, but a yellow one 😉 It says:

    EWWW Image Optimizer requires jpegtran, optipng or pngout, and gifsicle. You are missing: optipng. Please install via the Settings Page. If the one-click install links don’t work for you, try the Installation Instructions.

    Ah, I’ve just tried the latest dev version and it works 🙂

    Am I going to receive the next updates even though I installed the dev version?

    Plugin Author nosilver4u


    You shouldn’t get a notice for 1.3.7, but whenever there is a newer version than that (like 1.3.8) you should get an update notice.

    Okay, thanks! 🙂

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