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    I have installed the plugin and get the error that I need the optipng and gifsicle plugins.

    I am having trouble installing these plugins.

    I use GoDaddy as a host. I do not have access to the root folder.
    I use Filezilla to upload files. I do not see a home directory as a folder to open on the server. I believe my ftp takes me to the home directory.

    I saved the optipng and gifsicle zip files to my PC desktop.
    GoDaddy tech support indicated I should unzip the files, and copy the optipng.c file to the directory noted in step 8 of the install instructions, and rename the file optipng-custom. The same for gifsicle – copy the gifsicle.c file to the directory noted in step 7.
    No other steps were taken.

    The other steps are a blur as it seems your instructions tell me to load the zip file to the server and unzip it in the server and perform a configuration. But I am not sure if I understand you correctly and how to proceed.

    My debug info is hosted at

    Please provide user friendly, non-techie additional instructions.


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  • Plugin Author nosilver4u


    From your debug info, the Godaddy server does not have the required libraries to check the mimetype of the utilities that are bundled with the plugin. I wonder if it is possible to have them enabled somehow, as there was another godaddy user that requested the ability to use the built-in PHP mime-type functions specifically for this purpose: mime_content_type() or finfo_file()

    Can you also post the plugin status section from the settings page?

    The plugin status has been posted on:

    Please advise exactly what I want GoDaddy to do.
    – Which libraries are required to be enabled?
    – Since I do not have access to the root folder, what additional tasks must be performed by GoDaddy, and what extra steps do I need to do through FTP?

    Plugin Author nosilver4u


    First, if you don’t have any GIFs or PNGs to optimize, you can just go disable optipng and gifsicle, and not worry about it.
    Otherwise, you’ll need to ask GoDaddy about the functions/libraries I mentioned above. You’ll note this line in the plugin status:

    Only need one of these: finfo: MISSING  getimagesize(): OK  mime_content_type(): MISSING

    That’s only half true. For image processing, one of those is sufficient. To utilize the bundled tools, the plugin needs either the fileinfo library ( or the mime_content_type() function. Ask GoDaddy to enable the fileinfo/finfo library or mime_content_type() function in PHP.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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