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    Im trying to upload images and content with Optiontree, and it is loading the images in the gallery, also I´m able to delete it, but twhen I choose one of the images that I want to send to option tree I clic that buton and nothing appens…the frame turns white and doesn´t change anything….any help?

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  • Hi,
    I’m sure about your problem but here are some suggestion:
    – Update to latest version of OT. With old version of OT (2.0.9 and below), sometime if you use an upload field within a list item it can cause problem like yours because “wrong ID” issue.
    – Click on upload field and click to other field to trigger off focus/blur events that refresh preview image of upload field.

    Thanks for your answer htvu.
    I´m updated, and when I chose the upload field and I clic the triger to open the upload menu, then I chose something and I clic in send to option tree, the frame manu turns white and stop to work….and if i clic out of the frame it closes and I again in the optiontree main menu :S….

    Activate your firebug and check Console tab for error.

    I did it, and firebug tell me that :
    [Parar en este error]

    if ( $(‘#TB_iframeContent’).attr(‘src’).indexOf( “&field_id=” ) !== -1 ) {

    but I´m not a tecnical user, I´m complitly lost with that…I reinstalled my theme, but does´t fix the problem…any sugestion?

    Thanks for your help

    See my solution here:

    Edited file is: ot-admin.js located in OT folder/assets/js

    I have done taht you say, and it continuous showing a white frame… and doesnt work…. 🙁

    [Parar en este error]


    ot-adm…=2.0.12 (línea 463)

    It’s hard to solve by talk here, if you can upload your wp and theme to a host for testing I can access and try to fix for you.

    ok,cool; but… how can I do that? 😛

    Send your ftp account to huongtinhvu [at] gmail [dot] com

    I have sended a mail with the info, hope it helps. thanks 🙂

    Did you recive my mail?
    the name of the site is
    I also tried to downgrade to older versions of wp , but the error still remains….:((

    thanks Man for your help, I´ll close the topic as resolved. Thanks again!! 🙂

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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