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  • I like the concept of the MU Central Taxonomies plug-in, however setting child sites to use ONLY the main site’s categories and taxonomies instead of its own is problematic as then the child can’t have any custom categories or taxonomies of it’s own.

    I have three possible suggestions:

    Have the plug-in ‘include’ all the main site’s categories and taxonomies instead of forcing the child site to use only the main site’s categories and taxonomies or have the option of one or the other.


    Have a settings page for the plug-in on the main site that allows the admin to select what taxonomies will be replaced or shared onto the child sites (ex: be able to individually select taxonomies such as categories and/or tags, etc.)


    Create separate plug-ins that only forces one of the main site’s taxonomies on the child site. ex: ‘MU Central Tags’

    Having something like ‘MU Central Tags’ is what I am really looking for, as I can’t seem to find a plug-in that will allow global tags usage across a multi-site environment (without merging all blogs into one mega blog).

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  • Plugin Author Marcus Downing


    I appreciate the value of these, but they’re much harder to implement.

    The current plugin uses a very simple trick to replace the name of the database table with the one from the main site. Doing this for only some taxonomies would be unreliable, not just for WordPress itself but for the hundred and one plugins that access those tables directly (at least one of which I’ve written…). These plugins don’t announce which taxonomy they plan to use, they just grab the table name straight from $wpdb.

    Another complication is that the taxonomy IDs differ from the main and child sites. Allowing a mixture of IDs from both tables would inevitably cause clashes and confusion.

    So to implement for only some taxonomies it would have to be implemented in a completely different way: it would have to copy the data from the taxonomy on the main site into each of the child sites, and keep that data synchronised. If people on child sites were editing the data, it would have to synchronise it back and forth. That’s a much, much more complicated plugin. Somebody may one day write it – that somebody might even be me – but it’s not a natural upgrade for this plugin.

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