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  • Anne


    I’ve used this plugin on all of my wordpress sites and I love it. However, I seem to have a problem with my latest site.

    I’ve entered my API key (which I’ve used on multiple sites with no issue, everything is turned on and such) and get the Options updated! message when I click save changes.

    However, the page doesn’t actually update to reflect this. The Setup Google API Key box is still there with the API key chilling in the entry box, and the fonts menu doesn’t show up at all. It’s as though nothing happens on the backend.

    I’ve tried logging in and out of wordpress, deactivating and re-activating the plugin, uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin, and clearing my cache, but none of it seems to help.

    I’m thoroughly befuddled by this, especially since there’s no error messages or anything like that. The plugin seems to think it’s done its job, but it forgot something.

    Anyone had this happen or know how to fix it?

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