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  • I have a few wordpress sites (about 6) on a cloud server and until recently they worked ok. There have been serious downtimes lately and the only way i’ve found to bring them back is to optimise the options table in phpmyadmin. This works regardless of the overhead which never exceeds 50k anyway.

    Anyone run across this at all?

    My permalinks are set to /%category%/%postname%/ in all cases and i know this is supposed to cause some performance issues. However these sites have very few posts on them.

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  • I’ve been having this exact same issue… my host is – not sure if you are using the same?

    To date, I haven’t found anyone else with this issue…

    They keep telling me it’s a plugin issue and I’ve tried disabling them to see if it improves… but it’s so hard to tell because the downtime is sporadic and sometimes doesn’t happen for a few days! Then it comes every few hours… I can’t go leaving all my plugins off for a few weeks to make sure it’s definitely a plugin issue as I need to eat and pay the bills!

    Have you made any progress with this?

    snap! I’m using unlimited as well. I haven’t made much progress with them, rather ‘learned to live with it’. They did eventually set up a fail safe so that the websites wouldn’t time out.

    I think it has to do with their configuration and i suspect they’re always busy taming an unruly cloud. I’ve been monitoring the sites with and although i’ve had frequent warnings of downtime the sites have always come up when i tried the link.

    It’s a shame because unlimited are very helpful and reasonable. Cloud servers are still quite a new thing.

    I think they have great customer service (apart from not being able to help much with this!) and the site is pretty quick normally.

    They are still claiming it’s a plugin issue though… I’ve just had to repair my options table again this evening and it’s been going on for too long now. What is the fail safe they’ve set up?

    What theme and plugins are you using – maybe if there’s a few that match we might figure out which one is causing it to happen and try and find an alternative? (If indeed that is the problem!!)

    My theme is Catalyst and my plugins are:
    BWP Google XML Sitemaps
    Clean Options
    CommentLuv Premium
    Facebook Tab Manager
    Fast Secure Contact Form
    Nivo Slider WordPress Plugin
    Permalink Editor
    Subscribe to Comments Reloaded
    WP Video Lightbox

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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