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    I have options set up in the admin panel of a child theme allowing the user to change background colors. Those colors are in one of 3 skin.css files that should get called based on user input.

    the skin.css file is not being recognized, as I can see using developer tool. According to the developer tool, the path looks something like this: theme_folder/wp-content/themes/skins//skins.css ( error 404).
    In-between the double slashes (above) is where the variable ($my_path_color_variant) should be yielding the appropriate skin.css file.

    I have this working in a child theme of Thematic. However, even though the options panel gets loaded and is functional (in current child theme of path), the skin.css file isn’t loading. I’m pretty sure it’s a global variable in the options.php file that I’m doing something wrong with; possibly something with the theme name being different (which I’ve changed respectively.

    [That’s way too much code to post here – you need to use a pastebin per ]

    AND this is a duplicate post – please do not do that here –

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