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  1. rardnek
    Posted 8 years ago #


    I just upgraded from ... hmm... an older version (2.x?) to 2.2.

    Uploaded files and ran db upgrade without incident. Everything seemed peachy -- old content was preserved, and I am able to post new blog entries.

    Every section in the admin area seems okay, except "Options".

    When I click on this tab/section - the admin header is there, but no content/information is displayed for any of the Options tab.

    No visible error is being thrown, and if something is being logged, I'm not sure where to look, or if I even have permissions.

    The *only* change I have made post upgrade was to reapply the theme i had been using (fgreen), but even that shouldn't effect anything as it only changed the external display, not the admin area.

    Things I checked:
    * confirmed this problem existed when I logged on from multiple browsers/machines
    * confirmed via "View Source" that nothing is being returned beyond the Admin header
    * confirmed via ftp that the following files exist and contain data: options.php, options-general.php (and the rest of the options-*.php files)

    Any ideas? I apologize if this has been addressed elsewhere - I did search on options, but nothing seemed specific to my query.



  2. rardnek
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I guess I had corrupt files - I re-uploaded the options*.php files and now all seems good.

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