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[Resolved] Options not saving.

  • So I think this might be a wordpress options saving bug. But I’ve only encountered it with twitget. So here’s what happened, during a “save” of my twitget settings. I saw that the data entry (option_value) that was saved to the database only had value (option_value) of “1”. Nothing more and nothing less just simply the value of 1. And once this happened nothing would have save/update, regardless of that option(s) you changed. Now once I did a DELETE (DELETE FROM wp_options WHERE option_name=”twitget_settings”;). Everything started to work again. Now so far I’ve have this happen on 2x of my 8 wordpress sites. And it’s easy enough to fix. But I can’t seem to track down what is causes it in the first place. I’ve even tried adding in a delete_option before the update. But that has also failed. Once that value is “1”, WordPress seems incapable of dealing with that eatery (option and value) ever again.


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  • Plugin Author Boštjan Cigan


    Thank you for reporting it. However I myself have also been tracking this bug, it happens to some people (rare occasions) but not all of them. Currently I have no idea where this happens. If you have more data what you were doing at the time, I’d be very happy.


    Found a fix, while I still haven’t found the true root of the issue heres what I have. And a fix.

    At some point


    is getting set to


    . And once this is done you can not then make


    an array with out either unsetting it or redeclaring it.

    In other words by the time you start trying to set your vars like
    $twitget_settings['twitter_username'] = stripslashes($_POST['twitget_username']);

    You can’t because it’s already declared as an int (1), So the fallowing code adjusts for this.


    function twitget_settings() {
                    $twitget_settings = get_option('twitget_settings');
                    $message = '';


    function twitget_settings() {
                    $twitget_settings = get_option('twitget_settings');
                    $message = '';
                    if ( is_array($twitget_settings) === false ) {

    Plugin Author Boštjan Cigan


    Thank you! I’ve added the solution in the new plugin version as well.


    Glad I could help!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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