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  • I’m about to upgrade to 2.2 and am creating a new template and site architecture to go along with it. Now that I have new goals for the site I have new options and new questions!

    I *think* I know the overall best way to go about upgrading everything, but I’d love some input. My method seems a bit clunky, and perhaps there is a more elegant solution. I’m also confused about URL options; more on that towards the bottom of this post.

    My whole site is powered by WordPress, but I would like to begin using Posts and Pages to delineate content differently (Right now everything is just Posts). The new version of my site will be set up as:
    Posts = short, frequently posted entries (thin content, aka “the blog”)
    Pages = long, infrequently posted tutorials (content rich, aka “the rest of the site”)

    My goals for this are twofold. First, to allow for the use of a different template for the Posts and the Pages (Oh how I wish Posts could have different layouts without a mess of coding!). Second, to make my website appear like “a website that also has a blog” rather than just “a blog”.

    A static front page seems like the most ideal solution, as this will allow me to feature whatever content I like as the first thing people see when coming to my site. This will most likely be graphics that promote the most popular tutorials (Pages). Below that I would like to show Excerpts from the latest 3 or so posts from “the blog” (Posts). There appears to be a plug-in for this so I’ll probably go with that.

    Now since I’d like the illusion of having “a website that also has a blog”, I will need a link to “Blog” in my navigation. At the bottom of the home page, below the Post Excerpts, I would also need to link to “see more blog posts” which would then take the user to “the blog”. With SEO in mind, as well as inbound links to “the blog” rather than my whole website, I’d like this link to be as clean and intuitive as possible. be ideal. It appears as though there is a URL already available that acts as the first page of blog posts: (yes, I have WP installed in root) but that isn’t intuitive and is also a “folder” too long. Is there anyway to convert to What file handles the naming of that URL? Also note that I don’t have, nor would I ever want to create a category called “blog” so that wouldn’t interfere with the creation of this URL.

    If this URL can not be changed, ideas about a better way to accomplish my goals would be much appreciated. WordPress is so flexible and it’s great to hear how others have found unique ways of bending it to their will 🙂

    Thank you in advance!

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  • Too long, too many (wrong) assumptions.
    If you upgrade to 2.2.x – you automatically have the choice to assign a Page as your main/front page of the site. In the very same time you can (and should!) assign another Page (e.g. titled “Blog”) as to display your posts. The URL will be
    So, half of your issues are solved by native WP features.

    If you want to go fancy with that main/frontpage – see the posts I wrote yesterday. HTH!

    you automatically have the choice to assign a Page as your main/front page of the site

    I guess I didn’t make it clear enough, but I know and intended to make use of that new ability.

    you can (and should!) assign another Page (e.g. titled “Blog”) as to display your posts

    That I didn’t know, and that does indeed solve my URL problem! The code cited in your blog post also makes it so that I don’t need to use a plug-in to display latest posts on my static front page. Thanks!

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