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    Hi All

    I’m trying to use “Optional Excerpt” when I write a post because my posts are pretty long, but nothing seems to happen.

    No snippet appears with “Read More” or something like that only the full post shows.

    Any ideas people?



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  • Optional excerpt won’t be used if your Theme is using the_content() to display posts as opposed to the_excerpt().

    If editing your theme is viable, I’d make that change in index.php.

    If not, consider using the <!--more--> feature instead.

    <!–more–> and the_excerpt are redundant. use the first — of the two, it makes the most sense.

    What do you mean by “use the first — of the two” I don’t understand what you mean can you please explain a little more?

    What are steps I need to do?



    use the <!–more–> tag.

    Thanks Denis

    Related question: My optional excerpts show in the categories and archives. If i have set no optional excerpt, the text is simply chopped off automaticly and that’s all right with me. But because my articles are usually very long, i want to give an excerpt at the front page, too.
    Do i just have to change the function the_content() to the_excerpt() in the index.php or do i have to set rules for articles without optional excerpt, too? And how can i involve some button or link like “read more”, instead of […] at the end of each excerpt?
    I don’t want to use the <!–more–> tag, because that’s chopping off articles in feeds, too and at least i don’t want my theoretical essays simply being chopped off. 😉

    Do i just have to change the function the_content() to the_excerpt() in the index.php

    And how can i involve some button or link like “read more”, instead of […]
    If you search you may find some code that you would have to insert manually in the template file.
    Another option is to use a plugin:

    Okay, excerpts are now working for front-page, too, but there’s still my “read on” problem. If i have no optional excerpt, my theme shows […]. If i have an optional excerpt it shows nothing. So let’s assume, i know which code to enter or at least have an idea, where is the function the_excerpt() generated/defined? Means, where do i have to change code for getting a “read on” or in case of an excerpt a “read full entry”. It seems not to be the index.php of my theme, because that’s just where the function is called.

    (ps.: I don’t want to use the plug-in for two reasons. It’s talking about the loop to which i have no clue at all and second i want to learn about my php code to improve my hacking abilities.)

    If you replaced the_content with the_excerpt… you were just editing in the middle of the Loop.

    And learning what The_Loop is could be a good start to “improve your abilities” 🙂

    I don’t provide support for hacking core files because
    a) I don’t know how to do it
    b) it’s a bad practice for those that don’t have the ability to do it on their own
    c) I don’t want to increase a noise in the forum (i.e. when you come back crying about your screwed up blog)

    😉 Okay, can understand that. So i’m learning about the loop. If the plugin can create a “read on” link there, so maybe can i.

    Me again. I tried the plugin and it didn’t fit my wishes, so i decided to “mess up the core files” and succeeded. I found the function wp_trim_excerpt in wp-includes/formatting.php and changed the line array_push($words, '[...]'); to array_push($words, '<a href="' . apply_filters('the_permalink', get_permalink()) . '" rel="bookmark" title="more-link">read on �</a>');
    Now it looks just like what i wanted. I’ll see if it’s stable. Thanks to forum-members and Jowra

    Another helpful site was: Customizing the Read More

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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