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  • This thing was my long standing issue with WordPress, now natively presented in Gutenberg.

    WordPress had a tendency to use generated images like xyz-1024.jpg when it decided they fitted in. The thing is, I carefully optimize my images prior sending them to my blog. I don’t want WP to mess with these, I want it to use the same file I sent when I made a post!

    I managed to tweak the code of my theme to do that. With the old Editor it’s easy as it prompts the user what resolution to use upon upload. With Gutenberg, it’s the same old story again. Since it manages the uploading of files now, it decides what size to put for me.

    The result is one of those 1024-jpgs, compressed and without color profile.

    Please make an option for *us* to choose what size to include in the post. Until that’s sorted, I have no desire to mess with Gutenberg again, since standard Editor is no-brainer, getting the job done with a less hassle.

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    • This topic was modified 2 years, 10 months ago by Suncokret.
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  • Are you using an image optimizer plugin?

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    No, sorry, I don’t need any plugin to perform that.

    Since Gutenberg wants to be “cutting edge” it should offer much better customization without any dumbing down, as it currently has.

    The current WP has some rather bad image handling, because:

    1. Default JPG compression for generated images looks very bad.

    1a. Changing compression to 100% by coding in functions.php makes the images look clean (the current option I use to have clean 150×150 thumbnails), but are almost 2x the size than those optimized in Photoshop.

    2. WP removes all built-in ICC profiles of all generated images. That’s a shame, since all current browsers support ICC profiles.
    Even when images are using default sRGB values, they show better when they have the profile built-in. Images with no color profiles tend to have the reddish cast or be oversaturated, compared to the original.

    Currently, I use WP to generate 150×150 thumbnails and small-sized images for smartphones. I wouldn’t let WP touch any of my images on my normal, desktop/tablet-sized blog. No thank you.

    Gutenberg is further dumbing down this because it handles the upload itself, without any prompt for the user and decides itself what resolution to use in a post. Another no thank you from me.

    Just an example. I save my images to 1200px resolution, sRGB profiled. My blog posts have 840px width. WP sees that and thinks “well, his native images are larger than needed. Let’s use 1024x generated ones instead”. Gutenberg agrees.

    I end up seeing WP generated image on my post, that does not have the color profile (colors are oversaturated) and is almost 2x the size than my 1200px one because there’s no compression (see 1a above). So nothing it tried to accomplish worked.

    Why am I using 1200px images on 840px posts? To be future-proof. Photoshop optimization is fantastic, the file size difference is negligible, scaling via css/html is so good, there’s no loss in sharpness.

    So please make an option for Gutenberg to use “full size” images. Not all of us are ignorant when it comes to image editing, optimization & uploading.

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    There’s actually still some known issues with images and their sizes from what I can tell, and it’s not unlikely that this is part of what you are experiencing.

    You can follow along at (that’s directly to a comment with the current limitations, and their “workaround”). It’s a big ticket, and it’s still marked as a requirement for WordPress 5.0 though.

    Today, I got WordPress 5.0 and began to test it. One test was to convert a previous post that has high-resolution images. It converted to blocks OK. Then I added a new block above a high-resolution image and inserted the same image from my media. The result was a very poor resolution of the same image.
    I tried many different ways to insert an image into 5.0. All were of unacceptable resolution. Since the test image was already in my media file, the problem has nothing to do with uploading or preprocessing.
    To me, this is a major issue. It makes 5.0 unacceptable in its present form.

    Moderator Marius L. J.


    @exberry this is another users ~1 month old topic, please create your own topic if you are seeking support. To avoid other unnecessary notifications going out I’m closing this thread.

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