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  • I’m not sure whether this is better handled as a “core” issue or as a “plugin” issue (or, for that matter, if it’s already a feature somewhere). Either would work, I suppose, if it’s not already supported?

    But, as someone constantly flipping back & forth between live view & admin view, I’d REALLY like better access to all parts of the Admin backend from the Admin Bar while in live view.

    I’m not a programmer and don’t know PHP, or I’d take a crack at it.

    Basically, I’d like it if while in live view, rather than having to console myself with the ability to “Add New” a bunch of things or flip over to one of the “Appearance” sub-menu items, I could access all the major areas on the left sidebar menu of the Admin page from a drop-down menu or two on the Admin Bar. As it is, I find myself having to first go to out of the way to an intermediate page way-point like Dashboard and then go searching for the area I want.

    I rather just have direct access to the main Admin areas with a set of mouse hovers and a single click. I feel like it would save a lot of time.

    Is this something supported by default?

    If not is there a plugin for it? If so, I’m not sure I know the right keywords to use for the left side menu items to find it?

    It feels like there should probably be three extra menus. One for “Content Things” (Posts, Pages, Links, Media, etc.), one for “Admin Things” (Appearance, Tools, Users Plugins, Settings) and one for “Other Things” (the stuff some plugins add below Settings rather than to Settings). And maybe each top-level menu items should have a single child-menu with the appropriate options for that “area” or “other thing”.

    That way, if I’m on the live site and decide I need to go tweak my Smart YouTube PRO plugin’s Colorbox settings, I can just hover over Other Things Things –> Smart YouTube –> Colorbox, click. I’m right where I need to be. Rather than having to first detour through the dashboard, then search the sidebar for the right area and sub-area. This way, a couple hovers, a click & you’re there.

    Thoughts? Is this supported already? Or is there a known, somewhat mature, plugin for it? Pretty sure it wold be handy! ^_^ For me if nobody else. But, I’m pretty sure others would find it handy for back-pedaling from the live preview to whatever Admin task they need to get done, without lots of extraneous clicking around.

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  • Apparently, some folks don’t like the Admin Bar:

    But I’m reasonably fond of it. I’d rather see more of it, than less. Well, not bigger, just more features built-in to get where I need to go quickly, especially from the Live view.

    Only thing slightly annoying is when the admin bar covers over the top pixels of my live page so I can’t see how it renders. So, it seems to me like the admin bar needs some kind of a little multi-toggle that’ll collapse the entire bar off the top of the screen, leaving only a small tab in the corner or something, maybe with the option to move the tab back & forth, should *it* still be covering something useful. Maybe even the option to move the admin bar down to the bottom and kind of reverse the direction of the menus to pop-ups, rather than drop-downs. Likewise the ability to minimize the bottom bar off the screen and maybe toggle the tab left & right (and/or up & down to move the tab around the screen and the Admin Bar to the equivalent top/bottom region).

    I guess that would kind of be a different request.

    So, if the tab’s in the lower left, it might have little arrows like:


    Or if it’s in the upper left, it might be the opposite:


    But, anyway… Any good ways abotu adding the admin menu from the left side to the Admin Bar for easy access to all the major Admin functions from Live View with a simple hover/click?

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    Well, that would certainly be similar to one of the bits & pieces mentioned above… ^_^

    So, yeah, that might do for minimizing the admin bar to see hidden part(s) of the page.

    Though, still seems like it might need some option for moving that little “show” / “hide” button to the left / right side of the screen, if the admin prefers it in one place or the other, or if it’s still hiding something they want to see.

    So, for the ability to move the admin bar to the bottom of the screen, one might use something like this:

    Ideally, it would be cool if there was a plugin that did BOTH, that is allowed you to move the show/hide tab around left/right & top/bottom. & when moving the minimized tab, it would drag the admin bar with it (when you un-minimized the tab/bar).

    But, more so than all that, I’d like a plugin that gives better access to the admin screen areas / plugins / etc. via some standard-looking admin bar menus. So I could just navigate directly from the public-facing site to the admin area I need to get to, to tweak some setting or another, without having to go through several extra clicks each time.

    Do we know if there’s a menu plugin that exposes most of the admin areas / settings pages / plugin settings via modifying the admin bar. If so, that would be neat! 🙂

    In fact, after considerable googling and searching the repositories, this looks pretty close to what I’m looking for?

    Even cooler if there were some plugin that did it all, or it all just got packed into the WP interface proper (or at least given as options you can enable, if not ‘on’ by default; kind of a “basic admin bar” w/common tasks, or a “complete admin bar” that exposes all the admin areas via the bar with some simple fly out menus).

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