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  • I’m having an issue configuring Tax and wondering if this can be done out of the box or whether I’ll need to hack WooCommerce.

    In the WooCommerce>Settings>Tax tab there is an option “Calculate Tax Based On:” with a choice of Customer Shipping Address | Customer Billing Address | Shop Base Address

    Here’s the problem. The store I am building is based in the USA. For shipped products we have a possible scenario where we will need to charge tax for either the billing or shipping state on any order that is within our taxable regions.

    As an example, let’s assume we must charge tax in the state of Florida (FL). This means, if the customer is billed to FL and we ship to California (CA) or billed to CA and shipped to FL then in both instances tax should be charged.

    I can’t achieve this with the standard options as I see it.

    Ideally, I’d need an option that says, “If Billing or Shipping address is in state XX, YY, ZZ (etc.) then charge tax for that state.

    Am I missing something?

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