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  • – Use the block editor
    – Add a paragraph block
    – Add some text
    – Highlight the text
    – Insert link (Ctrl+K)

    The options only include pasting a URL or searching pages, posts, events, etc. There’s no option to browse to files in the media library. This would be helpful for linking to PDFs or other files to download. Maybe give the option to include media library files in the search results as an option in the expanded section of the insert link dialogue box where the open in new tab option is.

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  • You can use a File Block instead. The text defaults to the file name, but once chosen, you can change the text.

    Thanks for the suggestion @joyously. The File Block would work if you wanted to separate the link from a paragraph. But if you’re trying to add a link in a sentence within a paragraph it wouldn’t meet the need. Another way to accomplish this would be to give a settings option for what to include in that search feature. So you could select posts, pages, and file types. That would allow some filtering for media library items in case people didn’t want photos returned for example. But it would also give the option for all library items to be returned if that was what site editors want. We can always work around this by opening a second tab, finding the media library item, copying the URL, and then pasting it into the link address field. But that interrupts the workflow for editors and it’s a very common tasks for us. Our most common scenario is linking to PDFs (meeting minutes, studies, maps, etc.).

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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