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  • We were looking for why our users couldn’t see the login form right after registering while they were waiting for the password in the email. We want to show the fields so the user can copy-paste their password form the email.

    We found the reason to be rpr-login.php, lines 702-709:

    if ( isset( $_GET['checkemail'] ) && 'registered' === $_GET['checkemail'] && ( '1' === $register_plus_redux->rpr_get_option( 'verify_user_admin' ) || '1' === $register_plus_redux->rpr_get_option( 'verify_user_email' ) ) ) {
    	<style type="text/css">
    		#loginform { display: none; }
    		#nav { display: none; }

    Could you make this optional or remove it altogether? Not sure which use cases this would be useful, but at least our users considered it confusing and inconvenient to just get a “check your email” message and having to navigate away from the page to login.

    At the very least there should be a configuration option or a hook to disable or alter this through code. For now we unfortunately have to disable the whole plugin to prevent it from affecting this piece of our UI. I’ll also warmly recommend buffering the whole output of rpr_login_head() with ob_start() and then filtering it right before echoing so developers have the possibility to make any tweaks needed for their use cases: echo apply_filters( 'filter_name', ob_get_clean() );

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  • Noticed that this was related to having to verify the user’s email. Unfortunately the on-screen notification (by Theme My Login, I believe) just stated “Check your email.” However, if using a password received via email is enough to verify the account, as it should be, there’s no reason to hide the login fields as the password can be copy-pasted.

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