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    I see this particular topic regarding “url in mail” has already been started,
    but it seems to be unresolved ?

    #1 Basically, I have a blog with multiple authors, so it would be really handy to include the “post link” , so that when the author gets the email. They can go and edit the post straight away, without having to search through so many reports in the Admin panel.

    #2 Another handy idea is that, the “Reports” section must show the AUTHOR of each post.
    That way, the author knows which posts he/she must edit, that display his/her name.

    Usually my blog has all authors assigned in the “Author” role, so you can see why they simply can’t edit another author’s post. (I wouldn’t want them to anyway).

    This is a long post, but since I really like this plugin, I hope these features can be added.

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  • It seems the plugin’s author does not look at this forum. I tried to contact him on his site with no success…

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    Hi. I do look at this forum 🙂

    I try my best to resolve bugs as soon as possible but this isn’t exactly a bug. Still, I’ll try to get this done in the next few days. And thanks for liking the plugin Supa.

    I did a temporary code change, until the plugin gets an official update.

    This will show the URL of the post in the email.

    So to make this happen;
    1. Go to wp-content/plugins/report-content/report-content.php
    2. Look for this piece of code at php line 186:

    $report_string = "\n\nReport:\n\n".$report['reason']."\n\n".$report['details'];

    3. Replace that with this code:

    $report_string = "\n\nPost Link:\n".$report['post_id']."&action=edit\n\n\Reason:\n".$report['reason']."\n\nReport:\n".$report['details'];

    4. change “” with the actual URL of your site.

    5. The link will take you to the actual Post Edit screen, so you can edit the post directly or view the report which is listed in a meta box in the Post Edit footer.

    Hopefully this code change, can be of good use for everyone else who wants the post url displayed.

    Great hack Supa ! Much appreciated.

    You’re welcome @faisal Humayun ! 😀

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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