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  • I might be suffering from old age memory gaps, but I thought that Powerpress used to have an option to exclude a post from a feed?

    Say I had an episode of a podcast that I wanted visible on the website but not show up in the feed. I could have sworn there used to be a way to do that in Powerpress options.

    Right now, the easiest way for me to do something close to that is to use the SEO options to have that post not show up in the archives, but that option also hides it from the archives list on the website (not the behavior I want).

    Was there an option in Powerpress to do this previously, or did I really hallucinate that?

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  • Plugin Author Angelo Mandato


    Hello @fpmsummer,

    That does sound like a very useful feature but I do not recall developing that option. We do have the inverse however, you can create an episode but then turn off the podcast meta information from appearing on the web pages.

    You could add a filter to exclude the post ID from every feed query. Let me do some tests tonight, I suspect there may be a simple few lines you can add to your theme’s functions.php that will do what you need.


    Plugin Author Angelo Mandato


    I can’t take credit for this, I found it here: This is how I would write it though…

    function yourtheme_posts_where($where) {
    	if( !is_feed() )
    		return $where;
    	$where .= " AND {$GLOBALS['wpdb']->posts}.ID NOT IN (40, 9) ";
    	return $where;
    add_filter( 'posts_where','yourtheme_posts_where', 1, 2 );

    Replace 40, 9 with the IDs you want to exclude. If you just want to exclude one post, then just put one number in there without any commas.

    Might be worth testing out.

    It’s just something I thought of because I ran into a long forgotten option when I was updating an old site… removing the Powerpress enclosure didn’t actually remove the mp3 from the post, and after noticing a metric ton of 404s for the long-gone audio, I wanted a way to yank it from the feed without causing a cascade of issues.

    It took me a few hours to figure it out; seems the very old PodPress info was buried in there, but not visible in any of the custom fields or info in the post itself (yes, this is a feed that goes back 15 years).

    Deactivating the PodPress option fixed it, but it got me wondering about the ability to create a feed with a curated selection of episodes rather than the full, chronological episodes, without going through the hassle of creating a new category and doing the “new feed” tango.

    And I know at some point in time I saw a podcast enclosure option that was a checkbox excluding that post from the podcast feed. I didn’t think it could have been PodPress, but from what you’re saying, maybe it was? I didn’t think it was THAT long ago, LOL

    Just to follow up, I may end up having to create a new category, since the number of items I’d want to exclude could get ridiculously long. The shows I want to include in the feed would then just end up being in two categories, and the new category feed would end up replacing the one that’s in use now.

    But, I also found this:

    It appears to be abandoned, but I may try it out anyway.

    Plugin Author Angelo Mandato


    Will you have posts in the future that also need to be excluded, or are these all older posts that accidentally had media attached to them before you had PowerPress enabled? If you are just trying to exclude older posts,you can also do something similar as above but make sure the post date is greater than a specified start date.

    It’s more like choosing select items in the existing feed, a highlights reel so to speak.

    The show in question has been “retired” since 2014, and instead of just having the same “most recent” 30 episodes in the feed, I wanted to change the feed to just include select highlighted episodes instead.

    So there wouldn’t be any new posts added, but I didn’t want to necessarily remove the media from episodes that were “skipped”, since there could be 5-20 episodes skipped between selected episodes that people might want to check out on their own via the website. Hopefully that makes things a little clearer?

    Plugin Author Angelo Mandato


    Yes more clear, and more complicated too!

    Plugin Author Angelo Mandato


    Did the simply exclude plugin do the trick then?

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