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    It would be nice if a poster could change their post from LIVE to OFFLINE and vice versa themselves.
    This would allow them to make changes etc without publishing, in other words they could choose the draft option versus published option, and would not need to finish their post in one session.

    PS: TOP PLUGIN!!!!


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  • To put this plainly in WordPress terms this means you want to be able to change the posts status from ‘draft’ to ‘published’ and vice-a-versa as can be done on the standard WordPress Edit Post admin page.

    I agree this functionality could be useful and am looking at implementing it in the development version. May be a week or two before I do this due to other priorities.

    That would be wonderful.
    And yes, in WP speak I was referring to draft vs published.
    But the plugin’s dashboard refers to live vs offline.
    Thanks again for a great plugin.

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