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    Players belonging to the club only appear if a list of players has been created. Is there any other method for this?

    It is provided to display the players on the club page by adding options for the club’s player list according to the league and season selection, as in the club options, from the registered players on the club page. In this way, the list complexity is eliminated.

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  • Hi ozgurgedikli,

    I had a similar train of thought in regards to player lists recently, however my understanding is that in order for Sportspress to display the roster, you need to create a player list.

    By doing so yo are telling Sportspress “I want to do something with this list of players (be it display, sort, or rank).

    The other thing is you have to edit each player and assign a year they played in that league (for career stats), else it assumes all seasons for all leagues.

    We already apply what you have specified. However, each player is entered with their team, season, league, past team and similar information on their own page. The sorting order for players can be displayed in the properties section of the club page.

    For example, we have 3 leagues, and since there are 16 teams in each league, there are 48 teams in total. Since we want to show their players on each club club page, it is necessary to create 48 player lists. This event means using data filtering with the wrong method.
    With the Show players list in the details section on the club edit page check box, the league selected in the details on the club page can show the club players on the club page by season.
    The player list should be made only for all players or leagues, in our example it creates 4 player lists.

    It can be displayed from the player lists by all and leagues in Sportpress configurations by the size or label in the Player Performance and Player Statistics section.

    Have you looked at using “parent” option? That might be a solution.

    I’ve only just started getting my head around Sportspress myself and many others here might be able to answer your question better.

    Might help others to screenshot your overview page under Sportspress to get a better understanding of your layout.

    From what I understand you have:
    LEAGUE 1
    League 1 – Team 1 – x players
    League 1 – Team 16 – x players

    LEAGUE 2
    League 2 – Team 1 – x players
    League 2 – Team 16 – x players

    LEAGUE 3
    League 3 – Team 1 – x players
    League 3 – Team 16 – x players

    In my understanding of how Sportspress works, you’d set that up as:
    TEAMS 1 – 16, and then have them under a central league “Primary League”, with League 1/2/3 as parent leagues of “Primary League”.

    That is unless those 48 teams are all separate individual teams, rather than one team playing in 3 leagues.

    I’m working on a similar project:
    About 30-40 teams, across 7 different leagues (including men and womans game). I’ve just resorted to Player Lists for each league, and then filtered in that player list by single club only (as its a single club focussed site).

    That might be a solution (but only if we are talking 16 teams playing in 3 leagues).

    The clubs in each league are different and now there are 53 clubs. While 53 clubs participate in Team A leagues (Super Amateur League, 1st Amateur League and 2nd Amateur League), 32 clubs of them participate in the academy league (U19, U17, U16, U15, U14 and U13) at the same time. So now there are 9 active leagues and 53 different clubs are playing in these leagues.

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    Ahh I see.

    Given each club is completely separate, I’m not sure there is any other way to have them show up than individual player lists.

    Otherwise all players for that league will show in one massive list (making team selection for events a mess).

    Savvas or Corinarusso might know something more about this though as both are very well versed in Sportspress.

    Plugin Contributor Savvas


    Hi @ozgurgedikli ,

    You can try to create a “master” player list, that will show all players of a League. Then by using the shortcode player_list you can add the team_id of the team you want like:
    [player_list id="master_id" team="team_id"]


    Hi @savvasha

    The perfect solution. It worked in full compliance in the application. Thank you for your support.

    Best regards
    Özgür GEDİKLİ

    Plugin Contributor Savvas


    You are welcomed 😉

    Please note that you can use also leagues and seasons variables to create on the fly your player lists.


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