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    First a little background so people don’t ask why…

    I manage a bunch of WP sites and use other tools to manage the updates for all sites at once. I check this tool once or twice a week. I do not need or want emails telling me that a plugin needs to be updated, so I have unchecked the option to notify me about plugin updates on all of the sites that I manage.

    After the recent update, that setting seems to be broken and I’ve received numerous emails today that I have to read through just to make sure there isn’t something else buried in the list of plugins that need to be updated.

    I double checked the setting on a few sites and the option appears to still be unchecked. Do I need to go to each site, recheck, save, uncheck, and save again? Or is this a bug that needs to be fixed?

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  • Can confirm the same problem. Since updating to 7.0.1, the plugin version update notification is bothering us. In fact, it seems that the notification setting in Dashboard -> Global Options -> is still working ok for us:

    * Alert on critical problems
    * Alert on warnings
    are both checked, and also should be.

    The problem is not with the Notification options, its in the SCAN Options. In SCAN -> SCAN OPTIONS and Scheduling -> we have disabled the following option: Scan for out of date, abandoned, and vulnerable plugins, themes, and WordPress versions

    So the scheduled automatic scan should not throw a warning at all, even when Plugins are out of date. But it does, so that’s why we get a notification all of a sudden.

    I can confirm as well. I manage a lot of sites so suddenly I am getting a lot of emails about plugin updates.

    Could you please double check the following:
    – Go to (Wordfence > Scan > Scan Options and Scheduling).
    – Deselect “Scan for out of date, abandoned, and vulnerable plugins, themes, and WordPress versions” option and click Save.
    – Return back to the scan page and click on “START NEW SCAN”.

    Let me know if you still can get plugins updates warnings listed in the scan result or not.


    I tried this but this setting was already deselected. I tried reselecting and saving and deselecting and saving to see if this would reset the setting but now when I try to run a scan, I am getting scan errors:

    Scan Failed
    The current scan looks like it has failed. Its last status update was 20 mins ago. You may continue to wait in case it resumes or stop and restart the scan. Some sites may need adjustments to run scans reliably.

    I’ve only tested two sites. Both sites got this failure. I never had any issue with scans failing before.

    I tried this with one installation which had a plugin update available.

    – Checked the SCAN Section, there was already 1 Result found: Plugin Update required.
    – Options: Selected “Scan for out of date, abandoned, and vulnerable plugins, themes, and WordPress versions” -> Save
    – Options: DESelected “Scan for out of date, abandoned, and vulnerable plugins, themes, and WordPress versions” -> Save
    – Started new Scan

    The new Scan went through without any plugin update warning results.

    @mhi0815 Thanks for the update.
    @lyeffeth Please open a new support thread regarding this issue as advised per forums rules.


    @mhi0815 and @web2guru I double checked this issue with the team and the reason for this issue was identified and it will be fixed in the next version.


    Hi everyone, sorry for my absence. This came up at the end of a project and I have been really busy since then.

    I did not have time to review the new options before, but I see now that the settings changed and since it now includes abandoned and vulnerable plugins (those were not there before, right?) that not migrating the old setting to the new one was probably intentional.

    Actually, although I do not want to know about plugin updates, I do want to know about abandoned and vulnerable plugins. So unchecking that option is not what I want to do and it looks like I have no choice but to read through the notification emails when I get them.

    It would be great if that setting could be split out into three individual settings for out of date, abandoned, and vulnerable plugins.

    Thanks for the replies!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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