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  • A very usefull option could be an option that permit to automatically minify js and css script using :

    Because I notice the more you add plugin the more css and js scripts inclusion you have in it.
    Dealing also with the css and js coming from other installed plugins.
    Which leads to slow down you wordpress site.

    Moreover a gzip compression of css and js would be also great!

    With that 2 options we should finally get some good score in Yslow! 😉

    I know this stuff should be done by tweaking:
    and associated function files

    or may be with some action and filter in a plugin.

    But not experienced enough to make a great plugin and not enough time…
    So Could you dig that way?

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  • scribu


    There are two plugins for this: WP JS and WP CSS.



    Well, this plugins are quite useless, because you can minify your Template-CSS or JS on your own much faster than using this plugins.

    It’s would be more usefull to have a plugin, witch overrides also the plugins JS und CSS an put them all into one common file. The rusult should be to have just one JS and one CSS file inclouding all.

    That would make WordPress much faster.

    An other possibilety would it be, to add funktions like makeHeader for JS and CSS to WordPress.



    I agreed with johan and specially shopoto. Plugin have good functionality allways but sometimes your own template can be much fast.

    I think this is a really good suggestion because both, wp_scripts and wp_styles, can implement the system of ‘google.code minify’ by a global way.

    Till knew this library… I have used my own minified and compressed system, but the Minify library works better, in addition, this implements a system for cache.

    Seriously, I think ‘Minify’ can be “nominated” for registered classes of WordPress ^^!


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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