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  • Hi, I looked everywhere but couldn’t find a way to allow non login users to be able to see the events. This would be a very nice addition to the plugin. Perhaps add an option during event creation to select who can see this events or add an “everyone” role in the admin settings and let the admin decide.

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    you can try option under Events > Settings > Bookings > General Options > Allow guest bookings

    Hi, I’ve enabled it but logged out users still can’t see the event. I don’t plan using the Booking featured. I will be turning it off. Will that affect anything?

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    Non-logged in users should be able to see all events by default. Are you seeing any error when trying to view events as a logged out user?

    Thank you for keeping up with this. It says “no events found.”

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    It’s possible this is a conflict caused by your theme or another plugin. To check if it is, can you test with all other plugins deactivated and while running the default WordPress theme?

    I turned off every plugin except for BuddyPress and Events Manager and the logged out users still can’t see the event. I changed back to WordPress default 2016 theme with same result. Logged in users can’t see event either now. Only the admin gets to see the event when logged in.

    I deactivated BuddyPress while using WP 2016 theme and logged in users can see the event, but not logged out users.

    Do you think it might have to do with the fact that the event is tied to a private group?

    Confirmed. After becoming a member of that group, I was able to see the event tied to that group, but only if I’m logged in.

    Hi, did you able to confirm the issue? Let me know if you need anything.

    To sum it up, I was able to confirm that if the Event is linked to a private or public Group, only members of that Group get to see the event when logged in. If the event is not linked to any Group, only logged in users get to see the event. All of these were tested using just BuddyPress and Event Manager plugin with WordPress 2016 theme.

    I just tested your plugin on a separate new WP installed and the event does show up for non logged in users.

    If I delete and install your plugin, will my event data get lost?

    Further testing reviews that when an event is linked or tied to a Group, it does not show up for non-logged in users nor logged in users who do not belong to the Group.

    Please let me know if this bug has been confirmed on your end and when is the timeline to get it resolved.

    Best Regards,

    If you would like to test, I can provide you with the admin login. Let me know.

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    sorry but I’m afraid that this is not allowed at the moment with regards to free forum.

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