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    The plugin dropdown to select user roles who can see the menus is missing. menus those were added before 1 month is working fine but i cannot see user roles dropdown anywhere in menus. Please help.

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  • Hi There,

    I am having this same issue. I’ve read through all the comments and suggestions and tried my best to follow what everyone else did to see if that fixed anything. I have deactivated all plugins and even temporarily used a different theme to see if the problem still persisted and it did.

    I have used this plugin for another site (site #2) and have never had this issue before. So I checked on that to see if I could find any similarities or difference with site #1. The only difference is site #2 is not updated to the latest WordPress version or plugin version and site #1 that is having issues is.

    This leads me to believe that the issue is a conflict between this plugin and WordPress 5.5.3. How can this be resolved? Is there anything I can do further to fix this. I appreciate all the help!



    I have installed the plugin.
    I am using the shapely theme and the shapely companion plugin.

    the User Menus – Nav Menu Visibility plugin only works if I disable the shapely companion plugin, which is a problem because then, the design of my website is affected as I cannot use the full functionality of the Shapely theme.

    Is there a way for the Menus – Nav Menu Visibility plugin to work with the shapely companion plugin activated?

    Plugin Author Daniel Iser


    @sergechabert, @saharavis – FYI you should really start new threads, but in general this has never been an issue on our end. Every instance of these reports has been a theme or another plugin that modifies the menu editor in ways that are no longer compatible as of WP core updates earlier this year.

    Our plugins code is and always has been written in a way that is deemed “the most compatible” way at the time, including at this time.

    BUT any other plugin or theme can do things in a non-compatible way which will result in breakages for either them or us. Nothing we can do about it but point the finger honestly, no code changes on our end would correct the issues created by code on their end.

    There are 2 common issues:
    1. They do things in a way that our code never runs, as such no change would allow our code to do something differently if it doesn’t run in the first place.
    2. They didn’t update from the old “compatible” method for the new WP core updates, resulting in our fields being duplicated.

    Use the Health Check plugin’s troubleshooting mode to identify the culprit, then report it to that plugin/theme’s author and hope for the best, as the only other options are either not advisable, or may require a lot of work on your end:
    – Fix it yourself or hire someone to modify that broken item. (never update again).
    – Replace your usage of that theme/plugin, which isn’t always easy.
    – Toggle the other item off & on when you need to edit menus, as it only affects the admin menu editor.

    Lastly, this isn’t gonna affect just our plugin, there are dozens of plugins that do it the same way we do, so those wouldn’t work with your setup currently either.

    Hope that helps.

    I was having the same issues. I did the Health troubleshooting above and it turns out it is my Theme. All of the plugins were fine.

    Worst part about it, my website is setup according to that theme.

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    Hello, I am using Bridge Theme and the plugin does not show the dropdown to choose visibility according to the user role.

    What are other ways of fixing this? I will take anything:

    1. Some code I can try or add to make it work?

    2. An alternative plugin that you think might work? (I am always going to use your plugin first before going anywhere else, so you won’t lose me as a supporter)

    3. Tell the theme builders to add this feature maybe (What will I need to tell them to make them understand and know what I am talking about)

    In short, help me out here lol

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