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  • Resolved Piemol


    Hey, thanks for the nice plugin !
    It works well in the newest WP version.

    My question is:
    can you make an option to make the slideshow display vertical?
    With the images displaying on top of each other?

    I hope it won’t be a difficult thing to accomplish because much is configurable allready.

    To try if it’s possible now I made a slider with this settings:
    Changed the width to 200px and height to 1000px,
    animation ‘slide up’ or ‘slide down’,
    the number of slides to fit into one slide to 4,
    and changed the css of “slideshow_slide slideshow_slide_image” to “float:none;”.

    But the javascripts? that are loaded change the height of the slides to 1000px, and the total height of the slider also is 1000px, while the images are around 40 to 50px (I guess that’s the 200px divided by 4).

    So I think what is needed, is that if you can make a setting ‘display vertical / horizontal’, and depending on that setting change the way the height and width are calculated, and add ‘float:none;’ to the css, everything is set and ready to go?

    If a vertical slideshow allready is possible, and I’m just plain stupid or just don’t know how stuff works, please tell me !

    Best regards and thanks in advance for your time!

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  • Plugin Author Stefan Boonstra



    Thank you very much for your directions, this would indeed come pretty close to creating a vertical slideshow.

    The biggest issue, however, would be presenting this option in a user-friendly way. I’ll place the option for having vertical slideshows on the project board, but the option won’t be available any time before the release of at least version 2.4.0.

    Best regards,

    Hey Stefan,

    Thanks for your response.

    I thought ‘presenting the option’ just could be a radio or select button?
    ‘horizontal’ or ‘vertical’.
    With a question:
    “how must the slides within a slide be positioned?”
    “how must the slideshow be displayed?”
    or something like that.

    And by the maximum width and height of the slideshow a bit more explaination:
    “Maximum width. When maximum width is 0 and slideshow is displayed horizontal, maximum width is ignored”
    “Maximum height. When maximum height is 0 and slideshow is displayed vertical, maximum width is ignored”

    Sorry if I’m wrong, I don’t know anything at all off writing plugins or developing for WordPress (yet)!

    I will keep an eye out for new versions of this plugin !

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