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  • Hi,

    Sorry for that, we removed the option of excluding javascript elements as this option falls page speed score, making this plugin almost useless. Also, these options were only for advanced users, for regular users, incorrect use these options could destabilize the entire site functionality.

    We also removed the lazy load images option because it was outdated and broken. We’ll come up with a new, clear and updated solution soon.

    You can download and install a previous version of plugin like 2.7 from here (bottom of the page):


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    I put the javascript that I needed to remove from the direct end on the page, it worked perfectly for my problem and the speed was good.

    Thank you for the explanation!

    We found the option to exclude particular scripts from being deferred was necessary to allow this plug-in to work correctly with the AMP plug-in.

    Without excluding the AMP script, AMP content doesn’t display correctly on our sites.

    With this option removed, we can no longer use the Speed Booster plug-in.

    Compatibility issues arise between plug-ins all the time, and this option was a necessary mechanism to resolve them. I’d urge you to reconsider its removal.


    Right now we are working to come up with some easier to use “exclude scripts” options to keep specific scripts in the header, so that the Speed Booster Pack to be able to work flawlessly with almost any site that run a theme and plugins that utilizes wp_enqueue_scripts correctly.


    Hi Tiguan!

    What do you mean by “falls page speed score”. Do you mean it would reduce the speed score?


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