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    I have been having issues with is_home(). Seems to be a common topic. Looking at the source code led me to the field “is_home” and after searching the Sql database found the field. It is option_id 334 in the wp_options table with the option_name lightbox_conditionals. The data option_value is a record defined as follows:


    It seems this record defines is_home, is_single, is_page, etcetera. My question:
    Can anyone explain this records definitions, i.e., “a:8{s:7:” for the is_home field?


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  • Those would be specific to a plugin. Can you provide a URL to the plugin and I’ll tag this thread so the plugin author might see it.

    Ah!! I was thinking this was the “is_home” field used by the is_home() function in query.php which has: “return $wp_query->is_home;” in its source. But you are saying this is leftover data from a plugin I tested a couple of weeks ago. That plugin was
    from URL:
    I guess I will have to continue searching for the WordPress field “is_home” used above by the is_home() function. Can you tell me where it is defined?


    Well it is in query.php.

    Conditional Tags

    You might want to describe the problems you are having and maybe someone can suggest a solutions.

    Yes, I understand is_home better now. I just finished reading:

    I am still new with WordPress and am excited by it. A very nice system. Anyway, my original problem was to just show the current posts from category 1 on the home page. Originally, I found that it was displaying a mixture of pages from the two categories I have. I read the forum and found I could use the following:

    <?php if (is_front_page()) { query_posts(“cat=1”); } ?>

    Just before the loop in the themes (whitehouse) _posts.php page. This worked great but then I realized that my “sticky” page did not show up at the beginning of the posts. So, I have been researching that and leaning how this system is put together.
    I still have the sticky problem, if anyone knows a good way to fix it…


    You’d would need another query post loop with a query such as:

    Thank you MichaelH. I have seen that solution posted in the forum and it seems there are just general problems with sticky. I posted a possible solution “Possible Fix for Sticky Problems in function &get_posts() ” in this forum a little while ago, but after writing “the solution” I found that I then had new sticky issues, which I have since solved (hopefully). I guess we should close out this thread. I will mark it resolved. I am going to update my “possible fix” thread with the new information I have discovered.

    Thanks again,

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