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    Hello. I’m using Optimized Classic, a child theme of Businessly, which has a black menu.

    I’ve made the whole background a shade of near-black. I’ve figured out how to color the boxed widgets black and the sidebar under them black.

    The problem now is to change the font color over the black areas to white, so they are legible again. Currently, it’s black text on black background.

    I’d like to be able to have one whitish color for the widget titles, and lighter white for the text on the widgets.

    Another text-color problem is the site title and tagline. Also black on black. But when I changed them to white with a bit of css I found somewhere, the post & page titles ALSO turned white! But the posts and pages have a white background, which is fine, so the titles all vanished.

    Is there any way to make just the site title & tag line white, without affecting the black post & page titles?

    One more conundrum: the search panel widget is a bit “tall” for me. I’d like to be able to reduce the height of it by half. The width is fine.

    Thanks in advance.

    Thank you.

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    One more question. The background of the blockquotes is a very dark grey. I would to lighten that up. Help appreciated, thank you.

    Jerry B


    Hi there,

    We are only able to help if you are using the Motif theme on your site (since this is the support forum for the Motif theme) but you can ask for help here:

    Also it looks like the creators of your theme are not to active in that forum, so you may wish to reach out to them directly with your query here:

    Hope this helps point you in the right direction!

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    I’m really sorry, I have no idea how I ended up back in here. I searched and searched for a blank spot to post this and found this. I guess I’m not going to get any help from these forums. How can I delete my stuff?

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    If I delete my account, will that eliminate my questions?

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    Is there a forum supervisor who can just DELETE ALL MY QUESTIONS, because I’m not getting anywhere in here, and I’m fed up going in circles in this crazy place with no sign posts.

    Jerry B


    Hi again,

    I’m really sorry, I have no idea how I ended up back in here. I searched and searched for a blank spot to post this and found this.

    I’m not sure how it is that you are posting on this forum again, but as I mentioned above it appears that the creators of the theme you are using do not address questions in the forum that was set up for them here at

    With this in mind, please contact them here for support with your theme questions:

    We are not able to delete threads on your behalf, but I’ll ask a mod if they are able to do that. Hope this helps!

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    Why did you join a forum at all to take such a too-bad-for-you attitude? Oh, I know, you’ve set up your own little “in club” and won’t lift a finger for anyone else outside your own brand.

    And why am I apologizing for falling into this same hole all the time in this badly designed system? When the forum itself states before we post that if we post in the wrong place, don’t worry, someone will move the question to the right location. But that never happens.

    Why am I apologizing when I have cheerfully helped others on other subjects, but now that I need a hand, the noses are in the air, it’s a private club and get out if it’s not “our” subject area.

    And as for the developers of Optimized Classic (child theme of Businessly), I contacted them before I joined this forum, and they give NO support whatsoever, which is why I signed up here. And NO SUPPORT here, either.

    What I will end up doing is hiring and paying a freelancer to fix it all for me, and fork out my pension for it. Or maybe I’ll just try something new, after all these years. I hear wordpress has competition now.

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Forum Moderator and Brute Squad


    Hi! I have nothing to do with this theme or the theme developer. I’m a forum moderator.

    A few things and they’re not really your fault.

    1. You posted in the wrong place. The unpaid, volunteer who is doing this 100% out of the goodness of their heart to attempt to help you, for free on their own time tried to explain that to you.

      The right place to post would have been here.

    2. You took that kinda poorly. See comment about unpaid volunteers above. I’m a volunteer too just like you. You are not a customer of anyone here, there are no customers on this site. Only open source WordPress users like yourself.
    3. Topics are only edited or deleted in extreme cases. This is not an extreme case.

      Search engine hits are never considered extreme.

    4. You can have your profile erased or anonymized and your email will be removed and your user ID will be changed to something like “anonymized-1234456”. Changed but not forgotten; the system will remember your user ID and email and forbid it’s reuse on this system.
    5. That erasure will not removed or change a single topic or reply from you here. It only effects your profile, user ID and email.

    I’m closing this topic now as it has nothing to do with Motif theme support.

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