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  • This plugin which basically cleans up your bloated database and trims all of the access off (which also promote faster database access), has raised to bar by offering continuous upgrades to an involving refined set of features. Let me list the enhancements since my last review:

    · Has incorporated logging – This now allows a method of tracking historical information to be used to help trouble shoot a problem in database integrity. The log file can be also used to help establish better procedures in publishing and management of: content, media and plugins now that a log may be archived. Secondly, your ability to analyze the log will help validate to the client, that you are aware of infrastructure issues. The is no way to print the log, although you can copy/paste it from the popup.

    · Better admin interface – 2.2.4 sports a subtle improvement if the interface. It is intuitive and has a better overall interface. You can now step back to the config, then back again to the trimming the database with convenience. And improvement would be to additionally add: “Click HERE to go to the optimizer” button at the bottom of the page next to “Save Options.”

    · Schedule Optimization – You may select to perform automated scheduled optimizations built on the configuration you set by: Hourly, Twice Daily, Weekly and Twice Weekly

    · Exclude Database Tables from Optimization: CHECKED TABLES WON’T BE OPTIMIZED! Primary used is to isolate tables from batch optimization. Usually all tables would be optimized

    After the process of optimizing you are presented with the stats. I did not understand, “TOTAL SAVINGS SO FAR.” At what point is the total saving being counted? I would suggest that it states, “From your last optimization.” If that was done, it would be cool if the date of the last optimization was available. Ex: TOTAL SAVINGS SO FAR: xxxxxx from: ()date.

    This is a 5 star plus rated plugin and I would recommend it to anyone who is a casual to a serious WordPress author/admin. The quality of work, attention to details and the quality/timely responses by this author, helps to promote any premium plugin which he offers.

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