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  • I’ve tried to search for a thread about this topic, but couldn’t find one. After all the recent changes with SERP’s, there is more concern over patterns and using CMS’s than ever before. I’ve even read the suggestion that using wordpress SEO plugin, is harmful and leaves a footprint to the SE’s in order to mark blog as an over optimizer and then decrease rankings. I do see it marked very easily and openly in the code and seems to be fairly easy to scrape all WP sites using this plugin and decide to harm their rankings. Yoast programs makes it so easy to do these difficult tasks and take care of them more easily. I don’t want to do without it, but also can’t risk clients and my websites losing rankings from this possible footprint.

    So @yoast… Can we remove the obvious markings of the plugin the code so that it’s not so obvious to scrape and detect?

    Thanks and look forward to robust discussion.

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  • Very interesting question that I was about to ask myself. I guess the plugin is so a value that the “no-footprint” version could be paid, however I’m concerned that I can find sites using it so easily that the big G could also do so in order to penalize what it’d consider over-optimized sites…
    Better be paranoid and safe that sorry in that crazy SEO world 😉

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