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    I am dealing with a problem with my website and its pages loading very slowly.

    I have utilized various plugins to optimize all images, and WordPress itself. My site is hosted by iPage, and they support WordPress up to installation of WordPress and that's it. I have been back and forth with them regarding the slowness of my site. I keep getting the same responses from them..."optimize your images, and database"

    I'm totally frustrated because I have optimized everything including WordPress, so I wanted to see if you could take a look at my website and possibly see some issues, if any, and school me on this. PLEASE!!! If I have NOT optimized it to the fullest, then please tell me how I may do so. I've used plugins to optimize, and then used plugins to optimize the plugins. I just want a site that operates at an average load speed of maximum 3 or 4 seconds. Right now it loads (including any page clicked on), at 10 seconds or longer...way too slow!!!

    Here's my site: http://www.phreshstudios.com

    Thanks in advance for taking a look.

  2. You page load isn't that bad. It's not really zippy but it loads.

    Look at the page with Pingdom's tool


    (Sigh, a pox on # in URLs. Paste the whole URL string into your browser to see what I mean.)

    All of the time spent is on the initial page generation. Once that's done the rest load fairly quickly.

    The simplest way to speed up that initial page load for your readers would be to install a caching plugin. I suggest WP Super Cache BUT read the instructions before activating it.

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