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  • Resolved tom coady


    Whenever I run /wp-admin/admin.php?page=wp-dbmanager%2Fdatabase-optimize.php it ends up with a blank page or a 404 page.

    I think my DB maybe larger than normal at 120 or more tables, and my server maybe underpowered but has 8gb memory.

    It works if I disable all but one table, but each time it runs the default is reset to yes and there’s no global toggle to facilitate a table by table optimisation.

    I have disabled all other plugins so a conflict can be ruled out.

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  • Plugin Author Lester Chan


    Hmm interesting, I can’t reproduce this problem on my end and it is the first time I am hearing of this issue over the past decade.

    It might be too much to ask, did you try a test install of WP with just the plugin on your server to see if you can reproduce the problem?

    Thanks for the quick and informative response Lester.

    It’s helpful to know that it’s very unusual as it let me explore a bit more: running your plugin on other sites worked fine so I decided to do a repair prior to optimise, this time it worked fine!

    Same error here. Repair works okay, but Optimize gives me a 404.

    It’s interesting — the Optimize command uses this URL:


    But the 404 comes from this URL:



    Plugin Author Lester Chan


    Not sure whether is there any security plugin that is messing with the url? because %2F decodes to / which is correct.

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