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  • I’m working on a site dedicated to night life in my current city, and am trying to figure out the best way to approach the URL structure.

    What I know, is that there are 3 “core” types of information on my website.

    Categories (Bars, clubs, restaurants, etc)

    Locations (SPECIFIC bars, clubs, restaurants, etc) IF POSSIBLE (no idea how to do that one as a page, or as an article that has more than one category)

    Articles (current events in the city, introducing new content, reviews?, etc)

    I have two ideas on how to site up the site.

    Categories get pages specific to them, while linking to relevant content from that page (think Bars, listing all bars, Restaurants page does the same for restaurants). Locations get pages as well, meaning each individual bar/restaurant/club gets its own page, to really showcase the location.

    The other possible setup, is to give categories a page, as listed above, but to give each location an article. This means there would be an actual page for each category, linking to specific “posts” that are dedicated articles to each location.

    I personally think the former is the better option. Generally speaking I wouldn’t build a wordpress site with so many pages, but for this specific layout, it makes the most sense to me that each physical location being showcased on my site gets its own specific page.

    Any thoughts on anything above would be greatly appreciated, and feel free to add any advice / input.

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  • Upon further research, I’ve discovered that it’s best to use the page-templates system, and to avoid pages unless absolutely needed. Even better, I discovered that the Yoast SEO plugin allowed me to strip “category” from the URL, and I now have the exact URLs I desired.

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