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  • First, I love this theme. I have tried a dozen or more wp themes and this one really stands out for ease of customization if you don’t want to take the time to fool with the code.
    Saying that, I am wondering if there is an optimal background image size? I have tried several and they are all a bit blury: Cottage Geek.
    Thanks in advance.

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  • Image size (I’m assuming you mean height and width) isn’t the only thing you have to worry about. You have to worry about resolution as well. Here is your image, and its blurry, so the image you want to use doesn’t have the resolution you need.

    apljdi, thank you for taking the time to answer. Yes, I was goofing around and that is a blurry picture. The one I had on the site when I made the post wasn’t.
    I checked the style sheet and found the image size parameters, it is a range, and used those as a guide line to fool around with the background and or header.

    Some of your images are just huge, but you’re using HTML (or CSS) to display them at a smaller width and height. That is not the same as actually resizing them in an image editor (such as Photoshop).

    As to an optimal image size, that would be about 1K … which is hardly optimum for most website usages.

    I would say 50kB for a web image in a blogpost, so not only resize them but also compress them before saving locally and then upload them to your post (Include them in your post).
    That would improve the loading time of your site, which is at the moment not pleasant. I see small sized images of 700 kB.

    If you look at this page the WordPress logo at the top (the ‘W’ is a circle plus the ‘’ text) is 5k. Everything else is between 200bytes and 2k, which is amazing to me. On the primary site I handle the images range from about 2k to 15k plus one ‘sprites’ file of 55k, and then post specific images of, usually about 15k. I don’t know about optimal but I’m happy with that– had to fight with graphics for it though :).

    Hi–Just getting the wordpress part of my site up–and keep resizing my header image, but the crop box keeps proportionately getting small w/the smaller I resize the .jpg image in Photoshop Elements 8. I have it down to 5.5″ X 1.6″. Do I need to keep going smaller?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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