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  • Hello,
    I’ve been forced to desactivate the plugin because GDPR require no tracking until user make an explicit consent. GADWP provide a script for opt-out. But what we need to be compliant is an opt-in code.
    Your plugin sould act as if it were desactivated (no script code included) until a plugin such as coockie notice set the opt-in script and force reload of page.

    What do you propose to continue using your plugin for UE site ?

    Best regards

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  • In GADWP options an “optin chekbox” sould be proposed and when cliked it sould desactivate the follow code embded in pages (the js script to analytics).
    under the ckekbox it would be nice to have the script code uptodate of options selected (such as anonymisation, DNT..). It will allow to copy and paste it in a separate tools such as cookie notice.

    It would be nice to have again he backend/front end facilities in wordpress and reactivate this wonderfull plugin.
    Best regards

    Same here, I’m in the EU and the plugin still uses cookies even though I’m using another plugin to disable it.

    I have to find another GA plugin now 🙁 Too bad

    Actually I am using “Google Analytics Germanized”; very nice Plugin and handling Cookies also. And promising to not enable GA Tracking before the Cookoe acceptance.
    The “Germanized” does not mean the plugin is not supporting English; it just indicates the default settings comply with German lwa (as far as I understood).

    I actually used the option which only informs the visitor about the need of having cookies enabled. This only offers the option to accept – or to leave.

    To my knowledge WP needs Cookies enabled, and the opt-out function also sets a cookie to block GA.

    I had two minor problems:

    png was not declared as valid MIME type (image/png). Which resulted in a JS error and probably stopping the plugin to work.
    I added that definition (there are plugins available for that) and got rid of that error.
    Another problem was after deleting all Cookies for my site. I assume a plugin variable has a typo in its name: something with REST API problem, xxx_NONCE_ not defined popped up. Probably _NONE_ was the correct spelling.
    Or it simply was that no cookies were defined any longer.
    Here the solution was to logout/login from WP backend.

    I intend giving GWDWP another try later; having access to reports in the dashboard is a nice thing. which is not supported by the other plugin.

    Hopefully this helps!

    My temporary solution is to use cookie notice plugin with :

    the “Enable to give to the user the possibility to revoke their cookie consent (requires “Refuse cookies” option enabled)” checked
    and a script to activate GA only when the user accept policy :
    <!– Global site tag (gtag.js) – Google Analytics –>
    <script async src=”″></script>
    window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || [];
    function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);}
    gtag(‘js’, new Date());
    gtag(‘config’, ‘MY-UA-ANALYTICS-CODE’, { ‘anonymize_ip’: true });

    Same issue here, I could paste the js from Google Analytics inside Cookie Notice, but I like the possibility to display a summary of GADWP in the dashboard.

    If this plugin does not evolve to become compatible with GDPR, I will not use it anymore, sad.



    News !
    The release notes of the 5.3.4 are

    Adds more robust settings to control various ExactMetrics configuration warnings.
    Adds the ability to opt-into usage tracking.

    Does someone knows how to do this : opt-into usage tracking


    The opt-into usage tracking option is on the general settings tab. I disabled it, but saw no difference. Nevertheless, I don’t think this is the functionality we are looking for.
    I would also be interested very much in seeing an “enable support for user opt-in” function next to “enable support for user opt-out”.
    In other words, having the plugin disabled until the user confirms would be better and legally correct. Hoping to see this change soon.

    Thank you.

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