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  • Hi all, I’ve been searching and searching for this to no avail and hope someone might have an answer. I’m an artist setting up my site and have conceived some ambient soundscapes to accompany my work (wagnerian ideas on a total work of art and whatnot). I know I can easily make a playlist on a page of itself for visitors to go to and listen but I’d like them to have the option for continuos play while they browse the rest of the site. I know the idea of autoplay continuous music is pretty contentious and annoys a lot of folks, myself included. Again though, I DO NOT want autoplay, I would just like visitors to have the option to turn on continuous play if they want to.
    The only options I’ve come across so far have been to convert entire site to java or flash and write code for it (needless to say I don’t want to do that!) or MP3jplayer which has a popup player but shows url and nav bars with their popup which in my opinion looks amateurish and sloppy. So any advice?
    Thanks in advance!


    P.S. I can’t emphasize enough that I want this to be a visitors choice and not automatic annoyance! Visitors choosing this option is key, otherwise I may as well fill the site with ad popups and spam, it be just as annoying and get me about the same amount of return visitors. Again thanks!
    P.P.S heres my site, I have some tests in the widgets of what I’m trying, that I think you’ll immediately see the problems with Also I’m using the suffusion theme but I don’t think that really makes a difference when it comes to this problem.

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