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    Where can I set the opt-out ?
    In the description this is mentioned, but I cannot find how to set it.
    Also where can I set the text for the message sent when opting out ?
    It should be possible due to the privacy law in the EU to give the subscriber the possibillity any time to unsubscribe

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  • Hi @psmits1567,

    Opt-out is controlled by Mailpoet plugin itself. If you send an email to subscriber using Mailpoet, under that mail there always be a Unsubscribe | Manage subscription link, which can be considered as opt-out link.


    Hi thanks for your reply
    I know that you can opt-out when you get a mail from the plugin.
    But new gdpr regulation in the EU demands an option to opt-out yourselves.
    E.g. enter your mail address and select opt-out.
    Otherwise you need to send an email to the website to request opt-out.
    So a link within the form would be great. In design mode there seems to be a tag to do that. But I cannot get it to work
    Thanks for your help

    Hi @psmits1567,

    As per Mailpoet GDPR Guide https://beta.docs.mailpoet.com/article/246-gdpr-and-mailpoet they said -> This is required if you have Signup Confirmation (double opt-in) turned off in your settings. which means you don’t have to add subscription consent with every form as long as your subscriber confirm their subscription using link that being send with confirmation email.

    However, soon we will add a feature that will let you to display subscription consent to potential subscriber.


    Hi Tamim

    The statement mailpoet uses is not complete. If you send a mail to a subscriber you always need to provide a link to unsubscribe. Also if a subscriber even with double optin later decides to remove the subscription, you need to provide a link for that purpose.
    One way to do that is provide an option in the subscription form. If this option is set than the subscription will be altered into a removal.
    So either mailpoet should alter the plugin, Or with this plugin a field to ubsubscribe should be added.

    Hi @psmits1567,

    Good news! We have add two new feature ->

    1. Unsubscribing through the form.
    2. Adding privacy policy consent.

    Please update the plugin and let me know if that works.


    Hi tamim

    great I have been testing the unsubscribing form.
    I have some remarks about the behaviour
    1. Indeed if the boolean is set, then the status is changed to “unsubscribed”
    2. If I add the field to the form without the boolean for signin, I still get
    the boolean checkbox for signin. That is a bit unexpected, I was expecting to
    get only the checkbox for opt-out.
    3. If I select both the boxes I would expect that if the subscriber is
    unsubscribed that the state would be changed to subscribed. The unsubscribe
    checkbox seems to
    get the activated value instead of the subscribe checkbox in that case.
    4. I need to test if the conditional possibillity is working. E.g. if I select
    subcribe and afterwards the unsubscribe checkbox, it should remove the
    subscribe checkbox.

    Hi Tamim

    My mistake forget remark 2 !!
    You have added the unsubscribe possibillity, so it works as expected !
    But my remarks 3 and 4 need some attention.

    Hi Tamim

    I have some more remarks about the implementation.
    The form does look a bit messy
    I get the following layout
    line 1 email address
    line 2 text line
    line 3 blank line (not added by me)
    line 4 blank line (not added by me)
    line 5 blank line (not added by me)
    line 6 checkbox for opt-in
    line 7 text for opt-in checkbox
    line 8 blank line (not added by me)
    line 9 blank line (not added by me)
    line 10 blank line (not added by me)
    line 11 checkbox for opt-out followed by the label for this checkbox

    Where do the empty lines come from ?
    Why is the label of the checkbox in a different position ?
    How can I put text between the checkbox to opt-in, and the checkbox to opt-out ?

    Hi @psmits1567,

    If both subscribe and unsubscribe button are checked than it will unsubscribe.

    If you want to add text between two checkbox line than you can add this from contact form 7 edit page, just write anything between two shortcode wrapping your content by p tag. like this example ->

    [mailpoetsignup ... ..]
    <p>Your Custom Text</p>
    [mpconsent ... ..]

    Regarding blank line please share me your web page url so I can inspect where the problem. Here is one example page I have created to show -> http://mailbounce.7001.dk/index.php/contact-form-7-2/


    Hi Tamim

    The problem with the blank lines is on one site.
    I have updated another site, and that looks well (same as your form).
    So I need to figure out the difference in settings.
    I ment text between the opt-in and opt-out checkbox.
    e.g. checkbox opt-in “subscribe for newsletter”
    Text “If you want to unsubscribe please set checkbox below”
    checkbox opt-out “Unsubscribe from newsletter”
    That does not seem to be possible, so I have to put the explaining text above the checkboxes. No problem that does cover my problem.

    Can you invite me for the Dutch translation ?
    I want to help out here, but the transations I entered are gone.
    Thanks for your help,

    Hi @psmits1567,

    We just updated the plugin which solve the label problem. In your form edit page you will see a new button namely MailPoet unsubscribe, which you should use to create unsubscribe checkbox.

    While opt-in and opt-out shortcodes are separated you can place text between two checkbox, like this -> http://mailbounce.7001.dk/index.php/contact-form-7-2/ which will allow you set few more explainer text before any checkbox for your subscriber.

    Regarding translations, I don’t have permission to add translator however he who have rights to add , I have already told him to add you. Hopefully, you will get a notification soon.

    Let us know your experience with updated version of this plugin.


    Plugin Author ehsantikweb


    Hi @psmits1567,
    Sorry, we do not have access to do that. We have now written a very thorough description on how to use the online translation system – or use local .po files.

    The file is named how-to-translate.txt in languages/how-to-translate.txt

    You can also read the file here: https://plugins.trac.wordpress.org/browser/add-on-contact-form-7-mailpoet/trunk/languages/how-to-translate.txt

    The same text is also added to the plugins main page here at wordpress.org – go to https://wordpress.org/plugins/add-on-contact-form-7-mailpoet/ and scroll a bit down to “How to translate?”

    I hope this clears up everything for everyone 🙂

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    Hi eshantikweb

    Thanks for your explanation, I have an account at slack currently.
    Also at wordpress.org I have completed the translation in Dutch.
    So it should come available after approval of the Dutch translation team.
    Thanks again !

    Hi Tamim
    I have tested the new version, and this looks fine to me.
    Now you are able to put text between the two checkboxes.
    That makes it a lot more clear to the users.

    Also I found the problem with the blank lines on one of my sites.
    The one with the problems was created with Page Builder that called the form.
    The one working properly was a page that was not created with Page Builder.
    So it appears that Page Builder is doing something with the form.
    After recreation of a page containing the form without using Page Builder it looks OK !

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