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  • Blogroll -> Import Links -> Import OPML File reports that it has successfully imported all entries in an OPML file…but it doesn’t. No new entries are imported.

    Detailed steps:

    1. Installed 2.1.3 and set up a fresh WordPress install
    2. Erased pre-installed blogroll entries
    3. Went to the “Import Links” function
    4. Specified as URL
    5. Pressed “Import OPML File”
    6. Observed that all 219 links had successfully been imported, with each individually named as “inserted” by WordPress
    7. Followed the “go manage those links” link
    8. Observed on “Blogroll Management” page that no links were listed
    9. Checked the wp_links table in the database to verify that the table is empty

    I see no open tickets that pertain to this. Is it a bug, or is it possible that I’m doing something wrong?

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  • For the record, after applying this patch and increasing MAX_FILE_SIZE in the form field to handle the size of my OPML file (32k), uploading the file, as opposed to specifying a remote URL, had precisely the same results.

    I take the 0 responses to indicate that I should report this as a bug.

    For the record, the problem turns out to be that WordPress doesn’t appear to support the xmlUrl OPML tag, only the htmlUrl tag. So WordPress happily went through all 216 entries in the OPML file, reported that all of them look just fine, but didn’t once complain that, without an htmlUrl tag, there was nothing to import. I went through and changed all of my xmlUrl tags to htmlUrl tags, and now everything has imported nicely.

    Seeing this is an ongoing issue can you show what changes you made by chance to solve this…

    Waldo Jaquith –

    Thanks for the pointer. That was the cause of my OPML file not getting inported.

    How I fixed it:

    • open OPML file in text editor
    • Do a search in the document for xmlURL
    • If you find them, then do a find-replace for xmlURL to htmlURL.
    • Voila! The links get imported!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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