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  • Hi, I started in February, and the blog’s already starting to get a steady stream of new visitors.. I’m planning on doing an overhaul to the design of the site and want everybody’s opinion or criticism. What should I add or change?
    I know the sidebar’s kind of cluttered right now, but I haven’t decided what to do with it yet.. Other than that, I don’t know what I should do to help it out. — Let me know what you think, please!

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  • i really like the design, good work.

    just a couple of things, IMHO, the greyey red tags on the sidebar next to the links look awkward and out of place.
    also the padding needs changing on the category/tag links, doesnt look right when it is so near the edge.

    maybe introduce the stripes fading back in at the bottom? it gets a bit boring down there.

    other than that, and maybe the adsense bar at the very top, it looks really awesome,
    and good content too, i cant believe i watched 20mins of super mario!




    too many posts on the front page.

    grey things in the sidebar to the right of all the text, on nearly every line, what ARE those? They look like [] only grey colored and not text (if that helps).

    he feed button is too big, i know, i know, you wanna push your feed. blah blah blah 🙂 it’s still too big.

    lastly — and most importantly, THANK YOU for upgrading. You, my friend, are helping to make the Internet a better place for everyone 🙂

    Thank you guys for your comments.
    epicalex i was wondering who the Alex was that left that comment, i was pretty amazed myself when i watched that video 😛
    I didn’t realize why the sidebar looked so funny, but you’re right. I’ll add the h2 tags to some more of it for the striped line things..
    I think I fixed the categories section now too..

    The grey-red [] things are just what I was using for the list items.. as bullets kind of. Now that it’s not as screwed up, does it look better? Or should I get rid of them..

    And should I get rid of that adsense bar at the top?

    whoami I’ll probably remove the feed button there and put it somewhere else.. I dunno yet =\
    And I like to keep up to date and make the internet a better place 😀

    thanks again; let me know what else you think
    edit: I forgot to ask, how many posts do you think I should keep on the front page?

    why i said about the adsense bar is cause it breaks the flow of the stripes, literally the colour, but also the overall view, plus its the first thing you see, being at the top, and i just reckon you shouldn’t be encouraging readers to click away straight away.

    the grey-red things do look better now the list is sorted, but IMO if you want to keep them, at least dont show them next to the images/widgety bits you have, they look lost all on there own.

    ill leave whoo to answer her questions

    Looks nice. You could possibly do with one less post per page (to cut down the load time a tad) and, just so you know, on Safari (the browser I use) your searchbox breaks the sidebar width.

    I changed it from 5 posts to 4 posts per page.. And removed the tag cloud in the sidebar(good idea or bad?)
    I got rid of some more of the grey-red things, epicalex. I think the rest of them look okay, but if not I’m not against removing them all =]

    chymicalpunk do you think you could take a screenshot or something? I’ll try to get ahold of someone using safari if not and see if i can fix it..

    What do you guys think about the shoutbox? Where should I position it? I’m almost considering moving it alone to the left side of the page.. So that it’s closer to the top

    Screenshot of Searchbox “error”:

    I think the shoutbox is fine where it is, but would certainly look strange in a sidebar of its own.

    Hm. I’ll look into fixing it. not really sure whats wrong right now =[

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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