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  • HI all. I’ve been looking at a few wikis for a project, but it seems that they may be overkill and WP may be the thing. I’m reasonably familar with it , but I haven’t tried to use it as a CMS. At first glance, the wikis available to me (TikiWiki and PhPWiki) seem to be a little heavy.

    I want to make an online reference manual & procedural cookbook. No collaborative (or at least open-to-the-public) editing, but with support for Q&A just like a blog. Maybe a hundred major articles, and lots of little articles for terminology, pix, etc. The company is sorta un-savvy and phobic (Excel is read-only for virtually all the staff) so a busy interface is out. I’m really thinking that a well-organized blog might be the right choice. I’m not familiar with any other solutions (Drupal, et al). Tell me what you think.

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  • I’m using WP as a CMS. I put WP in a subdirectory of the site and use the home page to index articles by topic, linking them to the articles’ WP permalinks. My site is pure articles; that’s why I’m able to use the HP as the index. For a more complex site, just create more static pages using your page-creation tool(s) of choice, and link to the dynamic WP content using permalinks. This works well. I formerly used Blogger to do it, but switched to WP for a faster edit process (and because I don’t like the way Blogger creates HTML/CSS code).

    The two things really have entirely different purposes.

    If I was going to make something that:
    -Needed a lot of individual pages
    -All of which linked to each other
    -That I could edit easily and on the fly
    Then I’d use a wiki.

    If I was going to make something that:
    -I would update often/regularly
    -Which I would mostly update by adding new entries
    -Which I wanted my users to be able to subscribe to and thus be notified of new items
    Then I would use WordPress/a blog.

    If I was going to do both, then I would *use both*. Set up WordPress. Set up a separate wiki, perhaps in another directory. Link from one to the other and style them similarly. Nobody says that a site must be one and only one way.

    One note: If you’re clever, you can make your static WordPress “Pages” actually point to your wiki by careful use of Page Templates. This may or may not be desirable, depending on how you want to do things, but it’s possible to hide the fact that the content on some of your “Pages” is actually coming from a wiki.

    That’s brilliant! I can have a blog act like a portal to the wiki, or have the wiki content insde the articles. I have some fiddling to do. ( I guess I’ve been thinking too much in the one-solution-per-site way.) Thanks guys!

    If you haven’t already done so, consider Dokuwiki too.

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