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  • Question: “Contract Me” and not “Contact Me”?

    Simple but very nice.

    I really like that ‘date’ image you have.. very cool.

    I’m going to have to change that because people are not seeing that it is a play on words and that I am asking people to email me and contract me for work, and not just contact me. Every website you go on has a contact me section. I thought that it would be quite clever to think out of the box and be revolutionary. Not quite Che Guevera yet then.

    I wanted it to be simple, if I wanted it to be over complicated I could use Flash and have some cool interface, but simplicity is the key. Check out Zeldman and SimpleBits. Top inspiration.

    I was wondering if you were trying to be punny! :0) Maybe if you added some text into your contact form that spoke to “interested in hiring me?” then it may make more sense to all the moose that visit your site.

    Well I didn’t think my site would reach as far as Canada, but as it has, i’m glad, because they are some words of wisdom NuclearMoose. I can add some kind of slogan or extend on the Contract Me to:

    Interested in hiring me?…..Contract Me… or

    Need a designer?…Contract Me…

    Have you looked at it in Firefox?

    I have designed it for firefox, but i am aware of a problem in different resolutions, apparantly it is something to do with my css, i have some height values using percentage and others in pixels, dont know why, but i am addressing it.

    I had trouble adding a comment on your site it didn’t seem to go through??

    same story here… if you have relay for moderation on, you might want to mention that!

    Right, I have taken the moderation off, thanks for pointing that out to me, and thanks for contributing to the blog. I want to get a bit of a community going here.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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