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    I’ve started a site which will be the home of a photography club. I’d like to solicit opinions on what script or plugin(s) is/are best for creating and managing a companion gallery to the site.

    I want to have it directly integrated into the site.

    I have already found the resources on Codex, but I’m interested in seeing what some folks have done with their favourite tools and WP add-ons.


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  • I’ve been testing Gallery2 and the WPG2 plugin and I think it would work perfectly for what you want to do. You have all the features of Gallery2, but integrated within your WP site so everything is seemless to visitors. It even ports member registration across the two scripts, and I believe you members can also upload their own galleries if you’re interested in that.

    It took me a couple days to get everything installed and working with WP 2, but it was worth it. I don’t really know anything about php n such, so that might be why it took me so long.

    From what I’ve read the only other setup that offers these features is embedding Coppermine with WP.

    Many thanks for taking the time to respond!

    This is a similar post:

    Here is my example:

    I use coppermine and Stilglog’s integration plugin. It works great out of the box. I did allot of visual tweaking (css and removing some of the unneccessary menu links) to get it to the way I have it. But it’s an example nonetheless.

    Thanks, JoeyE.

    I just tried Gallery, and although I got it working, the WPG2 plugin and those goddamn embedded path and related bullshit is driving me nuts. I can’t get the options to validate, and I’ve been trying for nearly three hours now.

    What a pain in the ass. Time to find a different solution to my website needs. Perhaps strictly a hand-coded site and screw the personal publishing platform and 1001 plugins that simply add to the complexity.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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